MIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèthre 500V - MEGGER

Reduced price! MIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèthre 500V - MEGGERMIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèthre 500V - MEGGERMIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèth

MIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèthre 500V - MEGGERMIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèthre 500V - MEGGERMIT220 - 250 Digital Mégommèth

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Tester digital and analog isolation and continuity

  • Insulation testing to 1000 MΩ
  • Continuity testing at 200 mA to 0.01 Ω
  • Live circuit warning and hang test
  • Desktop digital and analog
  • Types of batteries and rechargeable alkaline
  • Operating temperature of -10 º C to +55 º C
  • CATIII 600 V
  • Complies with EN61557-1



The device is packaged in a rugged reinforced rubber (ABS), designed to withstand the shocks of a
on-site use and withstand the rigors of frequent use. It is small to be placed in a pocket when not in use.

Food recquiert 6 AA batteries, standard, alkaline or rechargeable (NiMH).
An indicator alerts the lack of battery life.

Continuity Test
Automatic continuity testing are performed at 200 mA to comply with international standards.
No need to press the test button.

All units measure continuity to 100Ω, 0-10Ω which are made more than 200 mA to meet
international requirements of electronic tests.
The cancellation of the cords is possible up to 9.99 Ωthe resistance of test leads, allowing the
cancel as standard cords.

Continuity Buzzer
A continuity buzzer provides the means to test and identify cable routes quickly, including a
protection if you accidentally touch a live circuit.
The vibrator operates at a threshold of 2Ω.

Insulation Test
The devices offer two possible configurations (detailed on page 2), providing an ideal solution to most
test applications of low voltage insulation.
The insulation monitoring is possible up to 1000 MΩ on all ranges of 250 volts or more.
All circuits are automatically downloaded so secure after each test.
Isolation tests at 1000 V has a warning
high voltage before the voltage is applied.



  • Meets international standards EN61557 concerning the test voltage on a load of 1 mA.
  • Digital display of insulation measures up to 1000 MΩ with a choice between a linear and logarithmic.
  • The range of continuity has a resolution of 0.01 Ω and a short-circuit current of 200 mA.
  • Automatic control continuity allows for hands free. No need to press the button'Test'.
  • Shutdown automatically after a delay if the device is left unattended to reduce the waste piles.
  • Automatic voltage detection to prevent inadvertent contact with hazardous live circuits.
  • The vibrator is activated from a value of <2Ω.


Each Megger is designed with the primary objective:
Security. All devices meet or exceed the safety standards of IEC 61010.
Voltmeter indication LCR
Voltmeter integrated automatically activated when the instrument is connected to a circuit with AC or DC
above 25 V.

Blocking test
Circuits with a higher voltage of 25 V will generate a voltage warning. If voltage
above 50 V is detected, a deadlock will not be activated and trigger the test on both of continuity and isolation, to avoid any incident on any person and damage to the device.

The MIT200 series has been designed for use on applications up to 600V CATIII.
The devices are compliant with IEC61010 safety standards and meet all standards
of EN61557 for insulation testsand continuity.

Applications range equipment MIT200 cover all situations encountered by installers of electrical installations operating on domestic, industrial and tertiary sector.
These devices can both be used in building maintenance for tests, inspections and routine maintenance.
Testers Insulation and continuity of the series MIT200 ideal for testing transformers, motors, generators, machinery, appliances, machine tools etc.. But also systems
Fixed electrical wiring.




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