10Kv Insulation tester Isolameter - MEGGER - 1001-945 - MIT1025

MIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGERMIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGERMIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGER

MIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGERMIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGERMIT1020 - 10Kv Insulation Tester - MEGGER

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The new insulation testers 5 & 10 kV Megger are designed specifically for testing of
maintenance on high voltage electrical equipment. The latest version of IEEE 43-2000 IEEE
Recommended for Testing Insulation Resistance Pratica of Rotating Machinery "recommends an increase in tension
test at 10 kV for machines rated above 12 kV and the version that meets MIT1020
requirement. The case is extremely rugged and easy to wear, made of a material resistant polypropylene
with a high degree of protection IP. The model number is marked on both sides of the housing to allow
the device identification in stores or mounted on vehicles
The instrument has a large backlit display LCD allowing it to be very legible in
environments very sunny or very dark. The test results shown include the resistance
isolation test voltage, leakage current, capacitance, battery status and time constant. Of
Moreover, the time the test is displayed constantly avoiding to use a separate timer. The instrument
can be used from the mains or from its internal rechargeable battery which provides
usabilitywhen site conditions are unknown or long-term tests are required. The
Adjustable timers and limit alarms are included.

The various control modes of the instrument are clear and unambiguous. Indeed, a simplified guide
use is included in the lid of the instrument which avoids taking on a manual job site
The instrument is equipped with a guard terminal to enhance accuracy. Cord care is provided
standard with the instrument.
To increase the flexibility of the instrument, the MIT520 / 2 and 1020 can easily adjust the tension test
in steps of 500 V to 5000 V or 10 kV avoiding having multiple insulation testers to meet all
Our insulation tester is designed to meet the requirements of safety standards and higher
those of 61010. In addition, the instrument measures the voltage at its terminals and if it is above
50 V then the instrument will display an alarm when energized and inhibit testing. At the end of the test instrument
automatically unload the stored energy on the test object.
The MIT520 / 2 and MIT1020 / 2 are also suitable for routine testing and allow testing
Diagnostic pre-programmed as the indexpolarization, the dielectric absorption ratio, the law
Goodwill ohm and dielectric discharge test.


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