MX1 - Analog Multimeter blister - METRIX

MX1 - Multimètre analogique en blister - METRIX

MX1 - Analog Multimeter blister - METRIXMX1 - Analog Multimeter blister - METRIXMX1 - Analog Multimeter blister - METRIX

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The reference analog multimeter terrain
As robust and solid as a 4x4, the MX uses a resist any land by, among other things, the robustness of the molded housing and water resistant. It is protected on all calibers and a security alarm when positioned ohmmeter.
The MX is also available as a kit.
  • DC voltage 150mV to 1500V
  • Basic accuracy class 2
  • AC voltage of 5 to 1500V
  • Average measure
  • Bandwidth of 16Hz to 1kHz
  • DC 50μA to 10A
  • AC 500μA at 10A
  • 20kΩ resistor to 2MΩ
  • Continuity with beeper
  • Diode test
  • -6 to 66 dB
  • Dimensions: 155 x 98 x 40mm, weight 420g
  • IP65
    Cat.III IEC 61010-1, 600V - Cat.II,


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