CA6471 ​​- Earth tester and resistivity - Chauvin Arnoux

CA6471 - Contrôleur de terre et de résistivité - CHAUVIN ARNOUX

CA6471 ​​- Earth tester and resistivity - Chauvin ArnouxCA6471 ​​- Earth tester and resistivity - Chauvin ArnouxCA6471

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Controller and ground resistivity 5 in 1
Ergonomic, complete and accurate, the CA 6471 provides direct access to all measurements via a front panel rotary switch. Compact car designed for field use, the CA 6471 is robust and waterproof. To facilitate connections, four terminals are marked with stakes and different colors.
The CA 6471 has a large backlit LCD display and a rechargeable battery with external charger connected to the mains or a car cigarette lighter.
It has a memory function and ordered direct measurement results. An output USB communication can export data to PC in order to exploit, the software Testing Ground Transfer.

The CA 6471 & CA 6470N ensure the reliability of the measurements:
- By use of traditional picket
- A self-diagnosis destartup of each measurement, which indicates the presence of defects that could distort the measurements (bad connections or the presence of interference)
- With extended measuring ranges: 0.001 W to 100 kW
- By adjusting the measurement frequency between 41 Hz and 512 Hz

The CA 6471 & CA 6470N is equipped with advanced computing capabilities and Experts:
- For measuring earth coupling, it suffices to perform successively the 3 steps and controllers automatically calculate the coupling coefficient
- Able to soil resistivity, the programming of distances used for the measurement apparatus allows automatic calculation of r by the methods Wenner or Schlumberger.


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