Fluke 1621 tester, DC Land

Fluke 1621 tester, DC LandFluke 1621 tester, DC LandFluke 1621 tester, DC Land

Fluke 1621 tester, DC LandFluke 1621 tester, DC LandFluke 1621 tester, DC Land

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  • Test voltage drop to 3-pin for baseline measures
  • Resistance measurements 2-pole for more flexibility
  • Saves the values ​​easily using a simple button
  • Ensures accurate measurements using a system for automatically detecting stray voltage
  • The dangerous voltage warning helps protect the user
  • Reads and writes data in a very readable thanks to its large backlit display
  • Case and robust design for demanding work environments
  • Its portable size makes it easy to transport
  • You are immediately informed when the measures do not correspond with the limits, when you use the corresponding function
  • 600 V Cat II


General Characteristics
Measurement functions
3-pole ground resistance, resistance 2 pole AC a driver interference voltage
Intrinsic error
Deviation from the reference temperature range, one-year warranty
Measuring rate
2 measurements / second
A 9-volt alkaline battery (LR61)
Battery condition
The low battery indicator (LO-BAT) appears if the voltage drops below 6.5 V
Between terminals and H/C2 E/C1:250 Vrms maximum (effective voltage)
Between S/P2 and E/ C1:250 Vrms maximum
Climate class
VDE / VDI 3540 RZ (KWG compliance, DIN 40040, 4 / 87)
Temperature performance
In service:-10 ° C to +50 ° C
Operational:0 ° C to +35 ° C
Storage:-20 ° C to +60 ° C
Reference:+23 ° C ± 2 ° C
Temperature Coefficient
± 0.1% range in degrees Kelvin
IEC / EN 61010-1 600 V CAT II, ​​pollution degree2
113 mm x 54 mm x 216 mm, protective cover included
850 g, including the standard accessories for a volume of about 600 cm3
If the tester will not be used or stored for a long period, remove the battery and store it independently of the tester to avoid any damage due to leaks.
The four ranges of temperature tester meets the European standards. The instrument can be used on the entire range of operating temperature to calculate thea precision at room temperature operation.
Electrical Specifications
Maximum deviations:
Influence factor E1Function
Influence of the gap E10%
Influence factor E2Supply voltage
Influence of the gap E20%
Influence factor E3Temperature E3
Influence of the gap E32.3%
Influence factor E4Interference voltage range (20 V)
Influence of the gap E40.6%
Influence factor E5Sensor resistance and the auxiliary probe
Influence of the gap E5100%
Test voltages
3.7 kV
Protection class
IP 40, IEC / EN 60529
Emission: IEC / EN 61326 Class B
Immunity: IEC / EN 61326 Annex C
Measuring resistance R E (resistance to ground)
Measurement methodMeasure voltage and current with improved attenuation of the crosstalk, no compensation for lead resistance measurement probe (3-pole) or without probe (2 poles), according to IEC / EN 61557-5
Open circuit voltage23-24 V ac
Short-circuit> 50 mA ac
Measuring frequency128 Hz
Maximum overload250 Vrms
Measuring Time
8 seconds (average time from the start button (START) is pressed)
Entry Limit
The tester gets the value set, even when the instrument is turned off (since battery power is sufficient)
Automatic migration of resolution
H R (resistance heating)<7 k="" td="">
Resolution0.01 Ω
H R (resistance heating)<50 k="" td="">
Resolution0.1 Ω
H R (resistance heating)> 50 kΩ
Resolution1 Ω
Displaying interference voltage dc + ac
Vmax30 Vrms
Common mode rejection> 80 dB at 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Ri680 kΩ
Measurement uncertainty<10% pure signals AC and DC
Measuring range
0.15 Ω to 20 Ω
Resolution0.01 Ω
Display Range0 to 19.99 Ω
200 Ω
Resolution0.1 Ω
Display Range20 to 199.9 Ω
2 k
Resolution1 Ω
Display Range200 to 1 999 Ω
Intrinsic uncertainty
± (6% of measured value + 5D)
Operating uncertainty IEC 61557
± (18% of measured value + 5D)
[1] Covers all deviations Workoutare influenced by quantities E1-E5.
E4 If the deviation caused by high resistance of the probe or probe is above the auxiliary rate specified, the sign flashes Ohm.
The measured values ​​are outside the limits specified operating.


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