CA1725 - Tachometer 6-100 000tr/min - Chauvin Arnoux

CA1725 - Tachymètre 6 à 100 000tr/min - CHAUVIN ARNOUX

CA1725 - Tachometer 6-100 000tr/min - Chauvin ArnouxCA1725 - Tachometer 6-100 000tr/min - Chauvin ArnouxCA1725 - Tachometer 6-10

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With or without contact, measure the speed of rotation
Simple to use, it offers numerous opportunities for measurement, with or without contact.

Measured by photo-reflective for a non-contact measurement: reflective tape is positioned on the test piece. The optical sensor helps prevent external parasites and the infrared beam, modulated active and guarantees of non-biased.

Traditional measure by contact, a mechanical adapter (cylinder, cone or wheel calibrated) reflects the speed pulse, which are measured by the speedometer.
Third possibility, an external input can be connected to tachometers a large number of sensors delivering signals of tension.

The display is a true digital dashboard that provides a 42-segment bargraph and useful information: confirmation of signal reception, features selected, alarm thresholds ...

The rotary switch provides direct access to 7 different units of measurement (RPM, RPM, Hz ...), and each key corresponds to a function (MIN MAX, Jagged, alarms ...).


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