ST-30-2LR Stereomicroscope Fixed lens - 45 ° inclined, Selectable 2x-4x, incident and transmitted lighting - OPTIKA

ST-30-2LR Fixe - inclinée en arrière à 45°, Sélectionnable 2x-4x, Eclairage incident et transmis - OPTIKA

ST-30-2LR Stereomicroscope Fixed lens - 45 ° inclined, Selectable 2x-4x, incident and transmitted lighting - OPTIKAST-30-2LR St

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This series consists of a wide range of stereo microscopes designed to meet the needs in the areas of teaching and for enthusiasts. Full range "early" MS-2 has the T-50 is entirely made of metal and assembly according to the best of farms. Thanks to the quality of transparency and depth, the optical system is at the head of his cathegorie.
The series consists of fourteen models, each of them possesses a specific equipment to meet the various needs.
The range includes a model, the ST-30-2Led, which allows the user to work without being connected to the electric power, thanks to its rechargeable battery "long term". His cold lighting provides excellent vision of the samples.
Binocular heads (except the model MS-2). Models and ST-40 ST-45 has a rotating head 360o, all other models have a fixed head. S-10 models are the only ones not having a head tilted to 45 °.
All models have a platinum disc with a black / white and valets. Models with transmitted illumination is also a disc of frosted glass.
Interpupillary distance
Buds have a binocular distance interpupillere adjustable between 51 and 75 mm. They also have ae diopter eye is on the tubes, with the exception of the model MS-2.
WF10x/20mm eyepieces. Models based on the objectives change: Fixed Lens 2x Lens selectable dual (2x-4x or 1x-3x). By changing the eyepieces and objectives, it is possible to obtain a magnification of up to 80x.
The model ST-50 possesses a 2x objective for jobs that require a large working distance (119mm)
Models with an intensity and / or have passed a tungsten bulb of 12V/10W. The model ST-45-2L is the only one to have halogen lighting with a dimmer control. 230V/50Hz.
The development
It is by means of two buttons located on each side of the stand.


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