OX7104BCK - Digital oscilloscope 4x100Mhz 2.5 GS / s color screen, ethernet + software + bag - METRIX

OX7104BCK - Oscilloscope numérique 4x100Mhz 2,5Géch/s écran couleur, ethernet + logiciel + valise - METRIX

OX7104BCK - Digital oscilloscope 4x100Mhz 2.5 GS / s color screen, ethernet + software + bag - METRIXOX7104BCK - Digital oscillo

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New version with power!
The Scopix III acquires an extension of 50k memory depth, greatly increasing recording times. For greater flexibility, it now has 2 GB of additional removable SD card.

The software option allows HX0075 today at OX 7104 to make power measurements:
Single and three phase power, display the DPF, and conducting analysis of harmonics on power.

Equipped with new features such as full range SCOPIX III digital oscilloscope 4 channels 100MHz OX 7104, "multi-instrument" with a minimum footprint, provides outstanding performance, thanks in particular to its 12-bit converter 2.5 GS / s .

  • Control: 33 direct control keys / menus "Windows-like" / Touch. Exceptionally readable, color display.
  • In addition to its usual triggering functionsAdvanced (pulse width, count, delay, TV), Scopix III proposes a new feature: the trigger and automatic storage of defects from the control threshold measurements. This new feature is available in modes Oscilloscope and Multimeter.
    OSCILLOSCOPE benefits from this "MATH" functions to define, for each trace, a mathematical function and a vertical scaling with the definition of true physical unit.
  • The multichannel TRMS digital MULTIMETER, 8000points, 200kHz measures amplitudes, resistances, continuity, capacity, frequency, temperatures and performs tests on components. It is equipped with a recorder with windows 5min to 24h.
  • The HARMONICS ANALYZER 4 channels (optional), is able to view the first 32 rows for signals whose fundamental frequency is between 40 and 450Hz.
  • THE DIGITAL RECORDER 4 channels (optional) allows acquisition speeds of 500μs between 2 measurements for records that can extend over 1 month from the surveillance of tolerance thresholds in particular.
  • With the FFT, the qualitative analysis of harmonic distortion of a signal, an impulse response, finding a source of noise in logic circuits leadeffective diagnostics.

    The patented accessory plug and play Probix is the assurance of implementation of the instrument quickly and with no risk of errors. The coefficients, scales and units of the sensors and the channel configuration are managed automatically, the probes and adapters are recognized immediately when connected.

    The Ethernet network interface with web server, used to take control of the instrument remotely from transfer curves and screen shots, without additional software.
  • 100MHz
  • 4 measurement channels are completely isolated 600V Cat. III
  • 4 independent TRMS digital multimeters
  • Timebase to 200s/dev 1ns. - Recording time up to 30min (oscilloscope mode).
  • Sampling per channel: 100 GS / s in ETS, 2.5 GS / s single shot.
  • Fast charge 2h; autonomy 4h


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