Fluke 360 ​​AC Clamp Meter leakage current

Fluke 360 ​​AC Clamp Meter leakage current

Fluke 360 ​​AC Clamp Meter leakage currentFluke 360 ​​AC Clamp Meter leakage currentFluke 360 ​​AC Clamp Meter leaka

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The leakage current tester Fluke 360 is a robust and accurate for measuring the leakage current.

Specifically designed for non-invasive checks of insulation condition, the leakage current clamp Fluke 360 allows you to test without turning off power supply or unplug the device, so you can save time without sacrificing quality and safety.

Single jaw of the clamp multimeter leakage current Fluke 360 AC eliminates the influence of adjacent current conductors and minimizes the effects of external magnetic fields, even weak currents. This allows you to produce accurate and reliable tests in the electrical environment overloaded today. Robust, high quality, jaw leakage current tester Fluke 360 ensures high repeatability and stability for a lifetime of exceptional.

Why test the leakage current?
The leakage current may provide clues about the effectiveness of the insulation of conductors. In circuits having a low insulation or with an electronic equipment with filters, the level of leakage current can be high. The leakage currents are likely to interrupt the normal operation of equipment and
facilities. The origin of the leakage current can be located using the Clamp Meter Fluke 360 ​​leakage current and testing facility in an orderly fashion. Compared to test the insulation, the leakage current has the enormous advantage of being performed during normal operation of equipment and facilities. A power supply is no longer necessary.

  • Measurement of leakage current in a range of 3 mA and a resolution of 1 uA for precise control of the degradation of insulation
  • Wide measurement range, from 1 uA to 60 A, for all applications in electrical
  • Advanced shielding to ensure accurate results when measuring near other conductors
  • This sturdy clip is designed to support more than 50,000 uses and thus increase the life of your clamp leakage current.
  • Leakage current tester pocket Easy to carry with a jaw 40 mm wide
  • Button practice of keeping the display to record measurements of leakage current in areas with limited access
  • Auto power off with audible warning devices, to prolong battery life
  • Conformance to IEC1010 and electromagnetic compatibility standard for reliabilitye increased measures
  • Complies with all applications and performance classes in safety standards VDE0404 VDE0702-4 and for the leakage current and differential current measurement of electrical



General Characteristics
Detection mode
Average value
Digital display:3200 points
Display bar graphs:32-segment, LCD
Measurement cycle
2 times per second (digital display), 12 times / second (bar graphs)
Range Selection
Temperature and humidity
0 ° C to 50 ° C, 80% H R or less (no condensation)
Temperature Coefficient
0.05% of range / ° C or less (in the range of 0 ° C to 18 ° C and 28 ° C to 50 ° C for a measurement of 0-50 A)
Influence of external magnetic field
0.0005% typical
Influence of positioning of the driver
In the precision characteristics
Circuit voltage
<300 vrms="" td="">
Safety Standard
EN 61010-1, EN 61010-2-032, 300 V CAT III, Pollution Degree 2
Withstanding Voltage
3.7 kV ac
Battery Type
Lithium Battery 1 x 3V (button battery) CR2032
Battery life
About 90 hours (continuous use)
Automatic disconnection of supply
Approximately 10 minutes
Diameter of measurable conductor
40 mm max.
200 g
176 mm x 70 mm x 25 mm
Operating Altitude
2000 m
Electrical Specifications
23 ± 5 º C, 80% HR max
(% Of reading + value of least significant digit)
3 mA
Resolution: 0.001 mA
Accuracy: 1% + 5
Max. Authorized: 60 A rms
30 mA
Resolution: 0.01 mA
Accuracy: 1% + 5
Max. Authorized: 60 A rms
30 A
Resolution: 0.01 A
Accuracy: 1% + 5
Max. Authorized: 60 A rms
60 A
Resolution: 0.1 A
Accuracy: 5% + 5
Max. Authorized: 60 A rms
Detection of the mean value and rms calibration
Accuracy specified:50/60 Hz



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