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To meet the growing needs of report generation and documentation, Fluke offers its software documentation FlukeView Forms. FlukeView Forms increases the power of your Fluke tool by enabling you to document, store and analyze measures, individually or jointly, then convert them into professional-quality documents.

This product is available in several versions that differ depending on the type of cable you need to download data from your instrument and on the functionality required for data reporting. FlukeView Forms are available in two levels of functionality: Basic Forms and FlukeView more FlukeView Forms Designer. FlukeView Forms Basic can be used independently to upload measurement data and create reports that can be saved and printed. FlukeView more Forms Designer, meanwhile, allows the user to create or edit a form to customize a report as required. With this software release, it is possible to add such a professional logo and a title. For more information, see the [Features] of this page.

Feature Comparison

FeaturesFlukeView ® Forms BasicFlukeView ® Forms Designer more




Transfer of data points on the computer multimeterXX
Number of standard forms29
Modification of standard formsNoYes
Includes FlukeView ® Forms Designer to customize the formsNoYes
Number of multimeters offering simultaneous display of data18
Maximum number of sessions FlukeView Forms can be performed simultaneously14
Changing the company name on reportsNoYes
Supports multi-page formsNoYes

FlukeView Forms supports the following diagnostic tools:

  • MegOhmMeter Fluke 1550B
  • Installation Testers Fluke 1653 / 1653B
  • Fluke 180 Series
  • Fluke 287 and 289
  • Fluke 45
  • Fluke 53-II 54-II
  • Fluke 568 Infrared Thermometer
  • ProcessMeter Fluke 789
  • Fluke 8808A
  • 8845A / 8846A
  • Fluke 89-IV 87-IV
  • Diagnostic tool AirMeter Fluke 975
  • Fluke 983 Particle Counter

BecauseForms FlukeView that takes several instruments support, this software allows the user to install and to discover a single software to take full advantage of these tools.

Choose below the model number that matches your criteria:

FVF-SC4Fluke 8808A, 8845A, 8846A, 45 *USB / Serial
FVF-BASICFluke 280 Series, 789, 1550B, 1653, 180 *USB / IRFlukeView Basic Forms
FVF-SC5Software only **Cable not included

* Obsolete
** The USB cables are not supported with Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.

FlukeView ® Forms Basic (FVF-BASIC)
Users Series Fluke 280 and Fluke 180 and 789 and 1550B, which do not require any performance FlukeView Forms can opt for the version FlukeView Basic ®. Transfer data points of your instrument to your PC and use the two standard forms, not customizable to display your records in a table or graph. If you want to enjoy a wider choice of forms or use FlukeView ® Forms Designer to customizeyour forms, go to version 3.3 with FlukeView ® Forms FVF-UG.


Updated FlukeView ® Forms (FVF-UG)

You can increase the power of your Fluke diagnostic tools by upgrading the software with FlukeView Forms Basic software update FlukeView ® Forms.

With it, you can:

instantly view and compare data from 6 different measuring instruments for the same document. You get a broader analytical capability.


With the series of upgrades and analysis report forms, you can present your data in tables, graphs or helpful diagrams and insert comments into a form to draw attention to something specific.


You can also use more FlukeView ® Forms Designer to customize your reports or add your company logo.




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