CA1879 Diacam - thermal camera - Chauvin Arnoux

CA1879 Diacam - caméra thermique - CHAUVIN ARNOUX

CA1879 Diacam - thermal camera - Chauvin ArnouxCA1879 Diacam - thermal camera - Chauvin ArnouxCA1879 Diacam - thermal camera - C

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CA 1879

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Excellent Performance / Price
Ergonomic, compact and robust IP 54, the infrared camera DiaCAm Chauvin Arnoux CA 1879 of this ease of use unparalleled. It is suitable for both expert users, or less sophisticated. It offers also an excellent price / performance ratio.

Applications ...
Because of its performance and easy handling, the DiaCAm suits the needs of architects, building contractor, heating, diagnosticians, or teaching. Camera dedicated to diagnostics, DiaCAm allows for diagnostics and real energy balance very quickly.

For mechanical applications, such engines, the DiaCAm detects anomalies or malfunctioning components (gearbox ...) and allows for intervention before the engine to overheat.
Regarding the diagnosis of maintenance or electrical failure, a simple check with the DiaCAm is particularly useful to avoid a production stoppage and business interruption arising.

Performance ...
On the largeLCD from DiaCAm, the user can visualize the real image or infrared, or to merge the two images according to their needs.
The analysis tools are the multiple DiaCAm to obtain more accurate results: 2 cursors positionable with display of the temperature difference, automatic detection of points of Max and Min temperature, audible alarm function, function isothermal or "temperature profile".
Novelty, the user can simultaneously insert the achievement measures voiceover or text annotations. The recording on SD card can store up to 1000 images.

Software & Accessories

Supplied as standard software DiaCAm postponement has two modes of operation. Mode "image analysis" for editing, analysis and export to Excel. The mode of creation report "allows obtaining a full report (page images with commentary analysis, summary inspection ...). Report generation is done automatically.
The DiaCAm comes in a carrying case with its removable handle, power adapter for charging, the analysis software on CD Rom and USB link cable.


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