GX320P - 20 MHz DDS Function Generator - Programmable METRIX

GX320P - Générateur de fonctions DDS 20Mhz programmable - METRIX

GX320P - 20 MHz DDS Function Generator - Programmable METRIXGX320P - 20 MHz DDS Function Generator - Programmable METRIXGX320P -

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DDS generator at 20 MHz frequency integrated external
The GX 320 is perfectly suited to the needs of higher education, design engineers
and scientific research.

DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis), the GX 320 provides precision and frequency stability far superior to those of a conventional generator.
The GX 320 can generate precise signals varied waveforms, sine, triangle, square & LOGIC, TTL output.
The GX 320 features internal and external modulations (AM, FM) and linear scans and logarhitmique. Shift function allows K for its jumping phase or frequency.
The user can function with or BURST Salve choose the number of cycles per period of time. This allows an analysis over
and accurate detection of even very brief events.
In addition, the GX 320 peuevent be cascaded to simulate complex signals: phase network, Fourier synthesis ...

It is further provided with an outer covering a frequency range of 5 Hz to 100 MHz.

Ergonomically, it has a large LCD screen (125 x 45 mm), offering exceptional readability thanks to the main display 5 digits 20 mm high. The backlight is adjustable, the contrast can be increased if necessary.


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