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New DJI Flighthub 2 - Operational software for drone management - DJI

Reporter PRO version 8.5 - software - FLIRReporter PRO version 8.5 - software - FLIRReporter PRO version 8.5 - software - FLIR

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Flighthub 2

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FLIR Reporter software is a powerful software to create reliable reports of professional quality with new features TripleFusion, picture in picture, the latest operating system Windows and is compatible with Word.

  • Design and flexible reporting

  • Complete integration of Microsoft Word

  • Powerful temperature analysis

  • Generating reports with wizard

  • TripleFusion Picture in Picture (mobile size and scale variables)

  • Automatic generation of reports by dragging and dropping

  • Feature for predicting trends

  • Automatic addition of GPS on the images.

  • Features TripleFusion picture in picture

    The functionality of Picture in Picture (PIP) to facilitate the establishment FLIR Reportereffective reporting. Simply download the images in infrared and visible Reporter. Dialog boxes, and features drag and drop easy to use help you to superimpose a small infrared image on the photo to visible radiation. You can even move and resize the image in the image anywhere on the photo to show the level of detail for your report.


    Reporter also has an exclusive feature of fusion and mixing range of images allowing you to get sharper images and more readable.

    Automatic report generation

    With FLIR Reporter easily create customized reports, such as the insertion of logos, etc.. The Report Wizard guides you step by step to combine all data from infrared inspection (infrared and visual images, temperature measurements and text notes) and report maintenance easy to interpret.


    To create infrared inspection reports in a single step, simply drag image files into icon Rapid ReportManager ™ (based on predefined report templates) office and a report is immediately generated (Pro).

    Compatible Avec localization by GPS Performance-GPS.jpg

    P660/B660/SC660 FLIR cameras are equipped with integrated GPS location. FLIR Reporter automatically adds GPS to your report. Click the Google ™ Maps for your image and browse to the satellite image from Google Maps to provide maps, directions, coordinates of longitude, latitude and altitude values ​​detailed.


    FLIR Reporter 8.5 supports the new integrated GPS functionality for new FLIR P660, B660 and SC660. Downloaded images contain GPS coordinates that can be incorporated into reports. By clicking on the icon, you can view a satellite image, information on the address and some indication of the streets to add to your report.


    SW-Reporter-report.jpg Feature for predicting trends

    Trending (Pro) is a powerful tool that allows you to track information associated thermalyour infrared inspections. With this information, you can more easily determine when maintenance procedures.


    Trends: Performs accurate monitoring of long-term thermal performance with diagrams and charts easier to read.

    More advanced features

    FLIR Reporter is equipped with many advanced features including: Digital Zoom, changes color palettes, playback voice memos recorded in the field. Automation of calculations with a powerful formulas and functions in DT-click to save you time. Creating summary reports with the tool table summaries (Pro). Features histograms and line graphs to facilitate more advanced analysis (Pro).



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