OX803B - Analog Oscilloscope 2x40Mhz - METRIX

OX803B - Oscilloscope analogique 2x40Mhz - METRIX

OX803B - Analog Oscilloscope 2x40Mhz - METRIXOX803B - Analog Oscilloscope 2x40Mhz - METRIXOX803B - Analog Oscilloscope 2x40Mhz -

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The display reference Because 80% of signals are periodic, analog display mode remains the reference. The OX 803B Analog Oscilloscope offers high-quality plotting and contrast excellent. This is especially true that it has an alternate trigger which enables stable display in all cases. OX 803B is the perfect base unit.

  • Bandwidth 40MHz
  • 2-way
  • 1mV/div sensitivity. to 20V/div.
  • Features: CH1, CH2, ALT, CHOP, ADD, CH2-, XY,
  • RS232 interface (optional)
    Safety IEC 61010-1, Class 1, Cat.II, 400V


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